Linux Terminal: Fun Commands

In this guide, i’ll show you some frivolous terminal commands.

Have you evere typed accidentally sl instead of ls ? You’d expect the Error Message : Command not found

If you use Debian Based Distribution,can install the sl package: Steam Locomotive, that  show a train run on terminal.

Install : sudo apt-get install sl

Run : sl


Another fun command is cmatrix, that sho a facsimile Hacker Deshtop from The MAtrix Movie

Install: sudo apt-get install cmatrix

run : cmatrix


If you want animated ascii fire on terminal :

Install : sudo apt-get install libaa-bin

Run : aafire


If you want create Text Banner can start by use Figlet:

Install : sudo apt-get install figlet

Run : figlet Testo

FIGlet can also write banners using different styles. First, discover what options are supported with the:



then use one of them , by use the flag -f <FontName> :

figlet -f block Lixux


If you fancy injecting some colour into your banners, install Toilet instead

Install: sudo apt-get install toilet

Filter List : toilet -F list

Then can add Colour an style with command:

toilet -f small -F gay <Testo>


Other similar text-based effects include cowsay, which simply repeats whatever phrase you pair with it,  with an ASCII-rendition of a cow

Install : sudo apt-get install cowsay

List available shapes: cowsay -l

Run: cowsay -f <Testo>


You’ll find Linux is littered with Easter eggs, and many of them are found inside commands built into the operating system. Type apt-get moo and hit Enter – you’ll see a (different) cow asking you if you’ve “mooed” today.


The rev command will simply reverse everything you type. Type rev to launch it, then type your text and watch it reversed back to you. When you’ve had enough of adding phrases, press Ctrl+C to quit.