YouTube Downloader : Download your favorite content

YouTube website is one of video-hosting service and a popular source of entertainment for many people. Sometimes, you might want to take your favourite videos or audio with you or simply download and store them locally. This way, you don’t have to depend on an internet connection or you can get rid of annoying online advertisements. YouTube-DL is a command-line utility for extracting YouTube videos and storing them in your filesystem.

The application uses the official YouTube public API for querying video details, getting the list of available quality options and obtaining download links.


In this guide, i’ll show how to install and use YouTube Downloader on a Linux Debian Based Distribution.



Execute these commands, to install the software packages used in youtube Downloader

sudo apt-get install curl -y
sudo apt-get install python -y
sudo apt-get install ffmpeg -y

Application Download 

curl -L -o youtube-dl

Change application file permission:

sudo chmod 755 youtube-dl


Use youtube downloader

to list all the available options type the command: 

./youtube-dl -h

video informations

For example, if you want download the video named:

Google – Year In Search 2017

Can list all the available formats and size by use the command:

./youtube-dl -F


If choose the format 136, then can download the video with the command:

./youtube-dl -f 136


If you want to download only the audio in mp3 format, can use the command:

./youtube-dl -x --audio-format mp3


You can also download all the videos of specific channel, for example  :

copy the channel url from browser:

then execute the command:

./youtube-dl -citw


If your network is behind the proxy, then you can download the video using –proxy flag as shown below:

./youtube-dl --proxy http://proxy-ip:port -f 136


If you are a Developer, can download the software source from the official github repository : YouTube DL github